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5 Easy Blog Topics That Will Make You Better at Your Job

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5 Easy Blog Topics That Will Make You Better at Your Job

Coming up with blog topics can be a real headache, especially when you’re busy doing the rest of the work of being a real estate agent. The fact remains, however, that blogging is an essential component to any dynamic marketing strategy. The good news is, blogging actually presents an opportunity for you to learn about and engage in your own community and network, which will not only help increase your website traffic, but also create new business opportunities and keep your finger on the pulse of your market. Here are a few blog ideas that are easy to produce and can be used over and over. These topics are designed to appeal to everyone in your database, rather than targeting buyers or sellers. That can be especially handy if you’re in the habit of doing separate e-mail marketing campaigns, for each. It’s also great because they don’t come off as overtly “market-y,” which is a big deal if you want to share them on your social media pages without annoying all your friends.

  1. Local Events: This one’s a no-brainer. Just look up the events calendar on whatever local website/magazine posts such things, then paste it into a blog post, along with a brief intro about which events look particularly interesting to you. 100-200 words of your own should be plenty.
  2. Local Real Estate News: What’s happening with rates this week? Were any new condo developments announced? How about a special event like a Christmas light tour or a Street of Dreams? Is there a vote coming up that might affect zoning or property taxes? Again, just make a list of whatever is happening, and add a few words reflecting your opinion on each.
  3. Neighborhood Tour: Create a tour of your favorite neighborhood with Jauntful. Pick a few restaurants, a coffee shop, some parks, maybe some schools. Or, try doing a “Top 10” list of tourist spots throughout the city. There’s really no limit to how many lists you can create, and the best part is that you can use them later to impress out-of-town clients with your knowledge of the area.
  4. Professional Profile: Do a quick interview with one of your professional contacts, then write up a profile on them. This is perfect for mortgage brokers, title reps, home inspectors and even your broker. It’s great content for your site and goes a long way toward solidifying those relationships.
  5. New Restaurant Opening: Look for announcements of new businesses opening in your market area. Then just call them up or go see them and ask for some details. Find out who they are, what they do and what makes them a special addition to the community. They’ll appreciate the free press, and you’ll have a great anecdote to share in the future that makes you sound like a connected member of the community. That goes a long way toward establishing credibility with potential clients.


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