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MBANow with WFG’s Dan Bailey

By October 26, 2020 No Comments
MBANow with WFG’s Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey, SVP of WFG Enterprise Solutions and WFG Lender Services, was a guest of Rob Van Raaphorst’s MBA Now Facebook Live program on October 12. In addition to discussing the company’s role in the real estate and mortgage industry, he provided an overview of WFG Enterprise Solutions’ new MyHome Exchange release, which came out in mid-October.

In his role as senior vice president, Bailey explained, he manages a company that “offers portfolio products and services – appraisal and valuation services, title and closing, home equity services all the way through default services – to mortgage lenders, including national or regional lenders, community banks and credit unions.”

He also said that, thanks to having had a pandemic response plan for the company maintained throughout its ten years of existence, “going to a work-from-home environment, while representing change, was not overly challenging.”

The other big change he discussed is the introduction of MyHome Exchange, which he described as, “a tool to help WFG collaborate with its lender clients and their borrowers.”